If you ask us, there’s nothing worse than wasting money. How many times have you purchased an outfit for a specific event, like a wedding or New Year’s Eve party, and never worn it again? Too many is likely the answer. But for the wise and stylish spender, there are plenty of festive items that, with a few creative styling moves, you can wear again and again after January 1st (because life’s too short to relegate the most fun fashion pieces to a couple months a year).

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It’s all about choosing the right pieces. If you don’t want to repeat outfits too often, find a piece that can easily be converted a completely new look. For instance, a black sequin dress paired with a fur jacket, smoky eyes, and patent leather stilettos looks very different under a denim or motorcycle jacket and combat boots. You feel us?

Some may claim that sequins, velvet, glitter, and shine should be reserved for the holiday times, but we beg to differ, and so do the street style babes (and shoppable pieces) we’ve rounded up in the slideshow ahead.

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